Why Can’t I Just Look at Pictures of Non-Nude Women?

I wrote about this before but I had some more thoughts on it. I can’t tell you how many times my looking at porn started with looking at pictures of women who were either fully clothed or in a bikini or lingerie. Almost without fail the next step would be looking at naked women or watching sex scenes. Why is that? Well through some self awareness I discovered I had a different mindset when I would purposely seek out pictures of non-nude women. You see there is a difference between seeing beautiful women throughout the day in normal life settings and seeking women out to lust about them. There is a completely different mindset when we seek out women to lust for them as opposed to seeing a beautiful woman, appreciating her beauty in a healthy way, and moving on with your daily life. Men and women were designed to have sexual urges and use them in healthy ways that lead to finding someone attractive and getting into a committed relationship with the opposite sex. There is long term satisfaction in that scenario but lust is never satisfied. So when we seek out pictures of even non-nude women we are naturally starting a cycle of lust that will most likely end in looking at porn as the appetite of lust demands more and more exciting material.

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